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Aug 31, 2022

If you've ever struggled with a rigid or compulsive exercise, it can be hard to imagine a life where your workouts feel fun, and work around your schedule instead of dictating it. Well, the good news is you CAN get there. 

Today's podcast highlights 7 key elements that underpin a healthy relationship with exercise so you know exactly what you need to be working towards when you're going through eating disorder, disordered eating or hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery.

In this episode my co-host Elyse and I discuss:

  • Why flexibility with your workout routine in so important and how this looks in real life
  • How to let go of exercise you hate and focus on workouts you love
  • Ways of identifying if exercise is fitting into your life or ruling your life and dictating your schedule
  • Why you should make functionality related goals when it comes to working out
  • What a health-at-every-size and non-diet approach to exercise actually looks like 
  • How to stop using exercise to earn or burn off the food you've eaten
  • What to do if skipping a workout makes you feel guilty, lazy, anxious or stressed
  • What "listening to your body" means when it comes to exercise and your workouts
  • Plus Elyse and I share our own personal experiences of how we healed our relationships with exercise and now have a fun and flexible approach to our workouts

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