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Oct 27, 2023

In this episode of Holistic Health Radio, we delve into a mindset that can significantly impact the journey of recovery from hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA). "Unicorn Thinking" is the belief that you're the exception to the rule when it comes to HA recovery. It's a mindset that can delay crucial changes needed to restore your menstrual cycle, as you believe the standard guidelines don't apply to you. We'll explore the reasons behind this thinking, its consequences, and how to overcome it for a healthier recovery.

Episode Highlights include:

  • Defining "Unicorn Thinking"
    • Explore what "Unicorn Thinking" means in the context of HA recovery.
    • Understand the belief that you're the exception to the rule. 
  • The Pitfalls of Overconfidence
    • Discover how overconfidence in your unique situation can hinder progress.
    • Recognise the importance of following proven guidelines for recovery.
  • Delayed Changes and Resistance
    • Learn why "Unicorn Thinking" can lead to procrastination and resistance to change.
    • Understand how postponing essential changes can impact recovery. 
  • Overcoming "Unicorn Thinking"
    • Find out how to challenge the belief that you're unique.
    • Explore strategies to align with standard guidelines for a more successful recovery.

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