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Dec 8, 2020

Do you struggle to enjoy Christmas without feelings of guilt, shame or regret?

Maybe you eat more than you want and then feel like you need to burn it off with exercise?

Do you worry about comments and judgements from others about your body?

In today's episode of Holistic Health Radio I talk about navigating the holidays while in recovery from disordered eating, an eating disorder or hypothalamic amenorrhea. This is also applicable to you if you’re simply trying to have a better relationship with food, exercise and your body that’s free from the grips of diet culture.

In this podcast I’m going to discuss:

  • Why the end of year holidays can often feel really hard
  • How to prepare yourself to Christmas lunch, dinner, parties and other events
  • How to figure out if your exercise habits are coming from a healthy place
  • Where guilt comes from when we eat more or exercise less than usual
  • Managing diet culture talk and comments from other
  • Creating safe boundaries for yourself in social situations
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things

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