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Sep 21, 2022

Today on the podcast I'm overjoyed to share Gem Woods' real recovery story with you.

Gem’s recovery story has taken 10 years to write its self. And a 10 Year journey to find herself. After years of restrictive and bingeing behaviour, her periods stopped when Gem added a new love of intense exercising, with the addition of practicing bikram yoga, alongside a new vegan and gluten free diet. Gem had lost some weight, but she looked well and ate really healthy. Her doctor did her bloods and found she had Hypothyroidism.

For a few years this was the excusable reason her missing periods. It took another 7 years of investigating, seeing specialist, trying everything from acupuncture, Bowen therapy to reiki, to extensive research of HA, to then finding Sarah, and her well designed HA recovery course.

In this episode Gem and I discuss:

  • Her relationship with food growing up and how this shifted after a moment of shame 
  • How she struggled through her teens with bingeing and restricting
  • The biggest struggles she faced in her recovery journey and how she overcame them
  • Her experience with regaining connections with emotions during her recovery journey
  • The joy of being in tune with the natural fluctuations of hormones throughout the menstrual cycle
  • The helpful recovery lessons she learned practicing yoga and becoming a Yoga instructor
  • The trauma informed yoga classes she’s developing to help those going through their own recovery journey
  • Her best advice for those currently going through recovery

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