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May 16, 2022

Body dissatisfaction, or hating your body, is scarily common and has been strongly linked to the development of disordered eating behaviours and eating disorders.

This is because, in an attempt to control or change their body and appearance, many people resort to negative eating and exercise patterns, in the hope that they’ll “like” their body more as a result. 

However this is almost never the case as body dissatisfaction has much more to do with your thoughts and perceptions than your actual body size.

In today's episode of Holistic Health Radio you'll learn:

  • What body dissatisfaction is
  • The signs and symptoms of body dissatisfaction
  • Why your body isn't often the problem, but usually becomes the scapegoat
  • How to zoom out and put your appearance goals in perspective
  • Ways to challenge your negative thought patterns about your body
  • How to separate your self-worth from your physical appearance
  • The difference between what health actually is versus what we think health should "look like"
  • Tips for reducing body checking and avoidance behaviours
  • Why positive body image is not a final destination, but instead, a daily practice

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