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May 10, 2022

Perfectionism is something many of us have ingrained in us from an early age. It’s the need to be “good”, to aim for perfection, to please others and put their needs ahead of your own. As females, we’re taught to be soft, compassionate and caring, even if that means ignoring your own desires and needs, and pushing yourself to the point of burnout and exhaustion.

This syndrome can also increase your likelihood of developing disordered eating behaviours. When this need to be the “good girl” turns into a need to look “perfect”, or be of a “perfect” weight and size, this can be a slippery slope into eating disorders and disordered eating patterns.

In today’s episode of Holistic Health Radio, we explore how you can stop aiming to be “perfect”, and instead embody a strong, capable person who feels able and empowered to ask for your needs to be met, and to establish boundaries with those around you.

By the end of this podcast you'll understand:

  • Common characteristics of perfectionism in eating disorders and disordered eating
  • How unrelenting standards develop and predispose people to disordered eating and exercise behaviours
  • The bi-directional relationship between perfectionism and eating disorders/disordered eating
  • Why the need to have the "perfect body" can maintain perfectionist standards
  • How to know if your self-worth is tied to perfectionism or the perfectionist behaviours you have around food and exercise
  • Why a person might maintain perfectionist tendencies even when they notice the negative consequences
  • Ways to overcome perfectionism so you can move forward in your recovery journey
  • Why understanding the pros and cons of perfectionism is important to understand in adopting new more reasonable standards
  • How building self-esteem and self-worth are both essential to breaking away from perfectionism
  • Understanding your fears and worries associated with breaking away from perfectionism so you can address them during your recovery journey
  • How compassion can be the missing link in moving away from perfectionism

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