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May 2, 2022

Today I’m joined by Kate Bane, a mother of three, a former model with a degree in psychology here to share her HA recovery story after 10 years without a period. 

In this podcast Kate opens up about her modelling career, motherhood and the moment she realised she needed to finally heal her relationship with food and exercise so that she could recover her period.

Within this episode Kate and I discuss:

  • Her modelling career and how the expectation to maintain a certain size perpetuated disordered food and exercise behaviours
  • The pros and cons of crossfit and how it impacted her hormones and relationship with food
  • What life was like while trying to maintain her food rules and exercise routine while looking after her kids
  • The life changing moment her daughter was born and how this spurred her HA recovery journey
  • The ups and downs of going through Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery
  • What life and motherhood is like now that she's recovered 
  • What she wish she knew about HA recovery before she started the journey herself
  • Plus her best advice for those currently going through Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery

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