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Apr 18, 2022

Many eating disorder behaviors are emotional avoidance strategies.

For example, if you feel something uncomfortable - instead of managing this emotion with a HELPFUL emotional regulation strategy the emotion is avoided or “numbed” with disordered eating or exercise behaviours.

So When individuals go into recovery they need to step away from these behvaiours that have long been used as avoidance strategies. They need to be exchanged for healthier eating and exercise behaviours. But how do you go about doing this?

That's the exact question we answer in this week's episode of Holistic Health Radio. By the end of this episode you'll:

  • Know the signs to look out for which show you're using disordered behaviours to avoid negative emotions
  • Understand the relationship you have with your emotions
  • Know how to identify what emotion you're feeling
  • Go beyond the thought of "feeling fat" and actually pinpoint the emotion you're experiencing
  • Understand physical manifestations of emotions and tune into the sensations that appear in your body
  • Be able to learn what situations or thoughts trigger certain emotions
  • Have the skills to effectively sit with your feelings without turning to disordered behaviours
  • Be capable of naming and acknowledging your emotions instead of running away from them
  • Know how to sit with emotions and be curious about them
  • Be able to make recovery aligned choices even in the face of difficult emotions


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