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Nov 15, 2021

Today on the show I'm joined by Olivia Park, who is here to share her story of recovery from HA and her mental transformation from chasing aesthetic goals in bodybuilding and crossfit to seeing movement as something that could provide her body with so much more if she treated it well and nourished it appropriately.

In this episode Olivia and I discuss:

  • How her fitness journey began and the impact of body related comments on her reasons for sustaining exercise
  • The impact of bodybuilding and Crossfit on her relationship with food, exercise and her body image
  • When she noticed her period was missing and how long she actually may have been suffering from RED-S
  • How recovery from HA is so much more than just eating more and training less
  • The biggest mindset shifts which allowed her to fully recover her period (and maintain a regular cycle)
  • The ups and downs of her fertility journey including IVF and how she got pregnant after HA
  • The important of working on body image in general and also as it relates to your relationship with fitness
  • Cultivating body respect and how to practice that every day
  • How her own journey has impacted her ethos in helping other women achieve their own health and fitness goals


❤️ Olivia Park is a women's health and performance coach who helps active women lift hard and live well both in and out of the gym. She helps women find liberation from the ‘shoulds’ of the fitness industry and the all-or-nothing mindset through purpose-driven training. Follow her on Instagram @oliviaparkcoach

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