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Feb 2, 2021

What happens when fitness isn't just something that we do, but starts to define who we are? And how can we start to let go and re-shape that fitness identity when trying to recovery from disordered eating, an eating disorder and hypothalamic amenorrhea?

I answer both of those questions and so much more in this week's episode where you'll learn:

  • The role grief plays in re-shaping your fitness identity
  • How to redefine your values around fitness so they lead towards a more sustainable relationship with exercise
  • How to cultivate a radical willingness to sit with change, difficult thoughts and uncomfortable emotions as you work towards healing
  • Why it's important to pull apart the complex story of fitness being who we are versus something that we do
  • What belief systems are no longer serving you when it comes to your fitness identity and how to unsubscribe from them
  • How to truly find exercise freedom and define what that looks like for you 

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