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Sep 22, 2020

Today’s podcast topic is about mental hunger, which in its simplest form is the concept of constantly thinking about food.

This experience is something that regularly comes up for people who are going through recovery from disordered eating, an eating disorder, or hypothalamic amenorrhea as well as those who've done restrictive diets in the past.

In this episode I want to explain what mental hunger actually is, and why you can't stop thinking about food on a physiological level, how to respond to these cues, and mindset shifts to reduce the fear around eating if you're experiencing mental hunger.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What mental hunger is and how it differs from physical hunger
  • Different scenarios you may not realise are actually mental hunger, but really are
  • Why mental hunger happens on a physiological level
  • Does mental hunger disappear during recovery and if so how long does it take?
  • Mindset shifts to help you cope if you’re experiencing these symptoms

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