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Sep 17, 2020

Today I’m joined by Lucy McConnell, a dietitian in the making, wine lover and decadent cheese board creator with a passion for healthy living.

Her love for working out and eating well started innocently like it does for many women, but over time spiralled to a place where her body no longer felt safe and she lost her period not once, but twice. I was lucky enough to work with Lucy to help her recover period, but more than that improve her relationship with her body and food.

Today’s interview is a deep dive into her journey including:

  • Her passion for sport and fitness from a young age up until now
  • When she realised her healthy lifestyle wasn’t so healthy
  • The first time she heard about hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • What recovery was like the first time around
  • The missing pieces of recovery and why her relapse happened
  • Getting her period back for good and her biggest learnings through that process
  • Having Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and working in the fitness industry
  • Adjusting to a new normal in terms of food, training, and lifestyle to keep her cycle for good

You can follow Lucy's adventures and connect with her online through her social media channels linked below.

Instagram: @lucyannemcconnell

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