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Sep 10, 2020

Today I’m joined by Stan Dutton, an unapologetic dog dad, frozen pizza connoisseur, and life-long learner with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.

He’s built multiple businesses, at 22 he was the owner of a 2,000 square foot training facility valued at over $1,000,000 within just 4 years - after closing his gym, he built a six-figure online coaching business and began helping hundreds of coaches increase their earnings by 1400% every month on a digital coaching platform.

Stan got tired of seeing the best salespeople make the most money through unethical marketing, “Rapid fat loss programs” and crash diets… And he’s working tirelessly to create a world in which coaches gain the knowledge that they should have learned on day one from their certifications - how to inspire meaningful change using the art and science of coaching.

Despite nearly dropping out of high school, he found success in the industry by surrounding himself with the best in the world - and constantly learning. His mission to create Better Coaches starts with his podcast, Better Coaching where he interviews experts across a diverse range of subjects - movement, psychology, nutrition, and business.

In this episode of Holistic Health Radio I’m excited to chat to Stan about:

  • His journey from starting out in the fitness industry to where he is now
  • What is coaching and how clients benefit from it over and above just getting an exercise or diet plan
  • What areas of science does coaching pull from? And what is the art to it?
  • Why a holistic approach is so important when working with clients and what that looks in real life
  • Getting unstuck if you’re feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed in your fitness journey
  • The anti-diet versus diet battle going on in the fitness community and how to help people who may have weight loss, weight gain or weight neutral goals for their health
  • How to find a good coach and how to become a better coach if you are one
  • Ways to build a successful coaching business

You can find out more about Stan Dutton, his services and listen to his podcast Better Coaching via the links below!

Instagram: @stan.dutton



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