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Aug 25, 2020

Today’s episode is all about the 10 biggest habits I see in clients make that sabotage their recovery from hypothalamic amenorrhea. In today's podcast I discuss:

  • The kind of exercise you probably think doesn't "count"
  • The impact of your environment and who you follow online
  • Why fibre isn't always your friend
  • Dealing with bloating the right way
  • How eating "healthy" isn't always helpful
  • The yoga and pilates as safe exercise myth
  • The problem with holding onto old clothes
  • Keeping your lips sealed about recovery
  • Why being an energiser bunny won't speed up the process
  • And the most important factor in getting your period back (hint this is number 10 so stay tuned until the end)

As you’re listening if you identify with one or two, or even a handful of these PLEASE DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

It’s incredibly common to get stuck in these behaviours and really hard to break them so if you do need help I encourage you to reach out, get a plan, and have some support so you can get your period back and ensure it stays too.

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