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Dec 3, 2023

Weekends, often viewed as a sanctuary for relaxation, can paradoxically become a breeding ground for challenges that might impede your journey to hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery. In this podcast, we dissect the potential perfect storm of conditions that, if not navigated mindfully, could hinder progress.

  1. Eating Schedule Shifts: Alterations to your eating routine can disrupt the delicate balance crucial for recovery. Discover how to maintain consistency and adequacy in your nutritional intake during the weekends.
  2. Snack Neglect: Missing out on important snacks might seem trivial but can be a significant stumbling block. We unravel the importance of each snack in your recovery journey and how to prioritise them.
  3. Exercise Dilemmas: The allure of weekend activities may prompt you to unintentionally be more active or engage in higher intensity workouts. We provide insights into making exercise choices aligned with recovery goals without compromising enjoyment.
  4. Time Crunch for Rest: Limited time for rest or sleep can elevate stress levels, directly impacting recovery. Explore tips to optimize rest amidst a packed weekend schedule.
  5. Social Stressors: Balancing social events without compromising your recovery goals can be an art. Uncover strategies to navigate social situations with ease and grace.

Join us in this podcast for actionable tips and strategies on overcoming these weekend-specific challenges in your hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery. Whether you're searching for insights on what to eat for period recovery, exercise strategies, or embracing food freedom, this podcast is your guide to a successful HA recovery journey.

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