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Aug 8, 2023

Today's episode of Holistic Health Radio is a collaboration between myself and Ciandra Birnbaum, a recovery coach based in the UK and host of the podcast Recover to Flourish.

Ciandra was kind enough to have me on her podcast to share more about the intersection between eating disorders and hypothalamic amenorrhea. In this episode we discuss:

  • Our own personal experiences with eating disorders and missing periods due to hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • What causes hypothalamic amenorrhea and which types of eating disorders or disordered eating does it impact?
  • Discussing the reasons why a person might be afraid to recover their period during eating disorder recovery
  • Common misconceptions and dispelling myths such as a missing period making you "sick enough" or a recovered period signifying full recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating 
  • Types of exercise which are safe to engage in during hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery and which types to avoid
  • Tips for anyone beginning their hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery journey. 

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