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Jan 11, 2023

Today on the show I’m joined by Body Image & Food Freedom Coach Jemma Haythorne. Jemma works from the non-diet approach, and helps people transform their relationship with food and your body, so that their life can be full of fun and pleasure again. Her mission is to help others feel confident, create sustainable healthy habits and become their best selves without diets and their BS! She believes in a weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size approach that helps people to achieve your goals from a place of self-love, respect and a positive mindset. 

Today on the podcast Jemma and I discuss:

  • Her tumultuous relationship with food and her body as a teenager
  • Her rock bottom point where she realised her focus on health had become an unhealthy obsession
  • The problem with being praised for weight loss and how it reinforced some really unhelpful behaviours 
  • How her restrictive behaviours then led to binge eating
  • The shame surrounding binge eating and the impacts it had on her life
  • How she eventually broke the binge-restrict cycle and healed her relationship with food
  • Discovering food freedom and the power of intuitive eating 
  • The messy process of giving yourself unconditional permission to eat
  • Her best advice on recovery and having a better relationship with food

You can follow Jemma on Instagram @inspire__wellness

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