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Jul 14, 2022

In a society that always encourages a “more is better” attitude when it comes to working out, today I want to touch on exercise myths that are holding you back in recovery and with your relationship with exercise in general.

Now, I want to start out by saying that exercise is beneficial. It improves our mental and physical wellbeing, but this should not come at the cost of you feeling guilty for taking a day off or stressed if your work schedule changes and you can’t train that day. Having more realistic standards for your workouts is key to not only finding better balance in recovery, but maintaining a lifelong healthy relationship with exercise that allows you to adjust what you’re doing based on how you feel, your schedule, your availability to the exercise you want to do and so much more.

Reaching this point where exercise takes up the relevant amount of time, energy and brain space is completely possible, but normally the first step is to unlearn a whole lotta different myths that are rooted in diet and fitness culture.

Today I’m going to go over 7 common fitness myths and how they are adding to the toxic fitness culture we sometimes come across today. I’ll also give you some scientific evidence around what’s a better target to aim for so your healthy self can start integrating some of these changes into your recovery or your weekly training plan. The aim should always be to workout smarter, not harder, in ways that you enjoy and that are sustainable physically and mentally.

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