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Mar 28, 2022

In episode 150 of Holistic Health Radio I'm joined by Louisa Paterson, a retired professional dancer and founder of Train Like a Ballerina.
Her passion is to help ballerinas and ballet enthusiasts train smarter, not harder, perfect their technique and learn from the worlds leading experts on proper nutrition, strength and flexibility, mindset and anatomy. 
While she's a wealth of information today and now lives a very balanced lifestyle, that wasn't always the case. Away from family and unsure of what to eat, combined with nutrition myths and fads perpetuated by dance teachers, Louisa fell into a pattern of under fuelling her body. It was only later through her own education and distance away from the dance world that she realised how disordered and toxic it can be.  
This is an episode that will inspire you and full you with hope, while also opening your eyes to how insidious diet culture can be in the dance industry.

In this episode Louisa exposes the dangers of diet culture in the dance world including:

  • How disordered eating is normalised
  • Common nutrition myths perpetuated by dance teachers
  • A snapshot of what life was like as a professional dancer
  • When she first got her period and the negative meaning she attached to it because of a dance class experience
  • How easy it is to get caught in the trap of "I'll be happy when..."
  • The impact underfuelling had on Louisa's mental health and happiness
  • What she did to start fuelling her body correctly and repairing her relationship with food
  • Her experience with the oral contraceptive pill and how she regained her period once coming off of it
  • The changes Louisa hopes to create by injecting education into the dance world through the Train Like A Ballerina App and Academy (coming soon)

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