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Mar 21, 2022

The question on everyone’s mind when they commit to hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery is “how much do I need to eat to regain my period?” It’s probably the first one that comes up in conversation during the Healing HA course and with our 1:1 clients, so Lucy and I thought it was time to address it on the podcast.

In today’s episode Lucy and I discuss:

  • What is low energy availability and how it causes a missing period
  • How to reverse low energy availability for period recovery
  • The scientific basis of 2500 calories for period recovery
  • Why you might need more or less than 2500 calories to recover your period
  • How what you eat is just as important as when you eat for period recovery
  • The optimal meal and snack timing for period recovery
  • The main foods and macronutrients you should be focusing on for period recovery
  • The problem of high volume foods in period recovery
  • Why you need to face your food fears when working on period recovery
  • How to stop calorie counting and start listening to your hunger

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