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Mar 14, 2022

Exercise is something that is incredibly healthy but becomes unhealthy when overdone. When used moderately to maintain physical and mental health, and/or when used in conjunction with an appropriate amount of nourishment, exercise has a whole host of incredible benefits.

But in the case of exercise addiction, yes; too much of a good thing can yield negative consequences.

In today's episode Lucy and I explore speak in depth about exercise addiction including:

  • Whether exercise addiction is formally recognised as a diagnosis
  • How common exercise addiction is across the population, athletes and gym attendees
  • Who is at a higher risk of developing exercise addiction
  • The two main types of exercise addiction - primary and secondary exercise addiction
  • Signs and symptoms of primary exercise addiction
  • Signs and symptoms of secondary exercise addiction
  • How do you know if you're doing "too much" exercise?
  • The law of diminishing returns and how it applies to the benefits of exercise
  • Treatment options for primary and secondary exercise addiction
  • Where to get help if you do feel like you're struggling with your relationship with exercise

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