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Oct 4, 2021

How do you overcome the mental obstacles in recovery? This was a questioned I got asked the other day on Instagram. Oftentimes there's a huge gap between knowing what we NEED to be doing in recovery and actually DOING it.

But what stops us?

Oftentimes it's the fears and worries that create these huge obstacles. Today I'm going to explore the most common obstacles I see come up for clients in recovery and how to overcome them.

In this episode I discuss:

  • The fear of weight gain - where it comes from, how it impacts your recovery, and ways to challenge it
  • Ignoring hunger - why we do it, where we learnt hunger was "bad", and how to start listening and responding to it more
  • Fearing fullness - similar to hunger the beliefs we have about fullness have been warped by society. I unpack these to help you realise fullness is nothing to fear
  • Taking a body-only or mind-only approach to recovery - a big obstacle as you truly need a connected mind-body approach for recovery
  • Avoiding discomfort - probably THE most common obstacle because it's tough to choose being uncomfortable repeatedly so I give you some helpful tips to navigate big emotions so you can keep choosing recovery aligned behaviours


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