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Jun 10, 2021

Dr Izzy Smith is an Australian based Endocrinology Doctor with a passion for sharing health advice that is easy to digest.

Through her work and instagram she regularly promotes evidenced-based advice on exercise, nutrition and medicine whilst busting silly health myths by calling out some of the dangerous fads in the wellness and weight loss industry.

Izzy is a passionate advocate for mental health which includes her role as an ambassador and keynote speaker for the Movember and Puka Up organisations.

She is also a strong advocate for the physical and mental health benefits of exercise and is also the co-host of the mental health podcast Behind the Uniform Podcast .

Her authentic approach to health and wellbeing has lead to a growing presence on social media and influence in the space and I couldn’t be more excited for you guys to listen to our chat today.

In this episode Izzy and I discuss:

  • Her passion for fitness and specifically running
  • What an endocrinologist does, what conditions they treat and why you might go see one
  • How endocrinologists diagnose and treat hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • What HRT actually is and how it helps protect bone health
  • Busting misinformation in the health and fitness space
  • How to advocate for yourself when seeing a doctor and so much more

You can follow Dr. Izzy on Instagram at @doctorizzyksmith or check out her website for more information on her services.

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