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Holistic Health Radio

Sep 30, 2019

Today’s podcast episode is one I’m super excited to bring to you and one I feel that so many people can benefit from: intuitive eating. It’s totally a buzzword right now, but as an intuitive eating counsellor I feel I’m pretty well placed and qualified to talk about it. I’ve also personally gone through the experience myself, so this episode is not only filled with helpful facts and info, but personal stories of overcoming food fears, transitioning from a meal plan, and the benefits I’ve experienced from intuitive eating.

Before we dive in, I also wanted to give you some info on the Body Freedom Academy, my 6-week online intuitive eating course.  Completely self-paced, this course is designed to transform your mindset through gentle, intuitive eating principles that set you up for a sustainable positive relationship with food and body. It’s literally an A to Z guide to overcoming food fears and body fixations so you can eat for pleasure, move for joy, and enjoy real health for a lifetime.

Each week we’ll focus on a different topic, giving you time to understand the principles and apply them to your own life. As we move through the course, there will be tasks that help you check in with your body and learn more about Intuitive Eating while you shift your mindset away from the traditional diet-centric approaches to health and wellness.

For more info and to sign up head to

Now onto today’s topic! Here’s what you can expect in this episode:

  • First off, we’ll start with what intuitive eating actually is! I’ll define the constructs, go through the 10 core principles of intuitive eating and also give you the lowdown on what it isn’t so you can spot sneaky fake intuitive eating!
  • What are the benefits of intuitive eating? And are there any drawbacks?
  • How to figure out if intuitive eating is right for you
  • Plus, my own personal journey intuitive eating journey including the process I went through from eating on a structured meal plan for eating disorder recovery to overcoming my foods fears and having a more flexible approach to food, movement and my body.
  • Finally, I'll give you 5 easy ways you can get started with intuitive eating that are simple and can be implemented straight away


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