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Holistic Health Radio

Sep 23, 2019

Missing or irregular periods, excessive hair growth, weight changes, and acne. Those are just a few common symptoms of PCOS - a common condition present in 12–21% of women of reproductive age.

As September is PCOS awareness month, I thought it extremely timely to cover this topic from someone who's not only affected by the condition, but has made it her life's work to help other women affected.

Today I'm joined by Nicola Miethke, a Naturopath and Nutritionist, who was diagnosed with PCOS in her early twenties and has since overcome it's complications.

In this episode Nicola and I are going to be talking all things PCOS including:

  • Nicola's personal experience with getting diagnosed, and her journey to getting her body and hormones back into balance
  • How to get a proper diagnosis if you do suspect you have PCOS
  • Impacts of PCOS on physical and mental health
  • How PCOS can be managed through lifestyle interventions including nutrition and exercise.

As always this podcast is intended for information purposes only and should not replace individualised medical care.

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